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  • "John a true professional, who took on my case without hesitation after I was hit head on by a drunk driver. John had sincere concern for my well being and the ability to get work done calmly in my otherwise physically and emotionally demanding time. There is no doubt I would recommend John, should there be any other instances where his services were required within my family or circle of friends. "
    Shady T.
  • "I am so pleased to have worked with Mr. de la Vina to resolve my son's case and working with him and his team was a great experience. The injury my son suffered was traumatic and not having gone through a process such as this before, Mr. de la Vina made sure to set realistic expectations, timelines and outcomes for me and my family. He was prompt and courteous, every step of the way, and it was encouraging to know we had someone in our corner that truly cared about his clients. I whole heartedly recommend Mr. de la Vina and would absolutely use his services again should the need arise."
    Carrie T.
  • "Since the first time I spoke with John after my accident, he was constantly working for me to get the best care. John was very professional and informative throughout the entire process; I felt very confident in John handling my case. I am very thankful for the great service and the positive financial outcome provided by John De La Vina. "
    Serina L.
  • "John was very proactive on my case and paid close attentin to detail. He reviwed my video over and over again to find mistakes made that were in our favor. In my view, he went above and beyond by searching for minute discrepancies that won the case. I really appreciate the fact that he didn't just treat this as another case, but actually fought for me. Thanks John!"
    Sean DWI Client
  • "John de la Viña is a fantastic lawyer! He single handedly got my DWI charge dropped completely, even though I gave a breath sample. He did a great job getting me off, and I'm so truly grateful for all his hard work. Thanks John! Hiring him was the best choice I ever made."
    DWI Client
  • "Mr. De la Viña is really dedicated and cares about his clients and does what it takes to best further their goals and zealously represent them. I highly recommend him."
  • "John is a great lawyer I would recommend him to a friend or family member if they ever needed help or any legal advice."