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The Experienced, Proven Austin Lawyer You Need for Your Criminal Defense or Personal Injury Case

An attorney who stands up for Texans when they are at their most vulnerable

Whether you are dealing with the effects of a serious injury or find yourself facing accusations of criminal conduct, you’re probably feeling unsure of yourself. What do I do now? What are my rights? I am Attorney John de la Viña, and my Austin law firm is designed specifically to help people in your situation. My firm handles two types of cases: personal injury and criminal defense. Because of that focus, I have gained extensive experience in these areas of law, and I know how to handle cases very effectively. When you’re in need of practical advice and a Texas lawyer who will stand up for you during difficult times, you can depend on me. 

Here for you when it matters most

I founded my law firm because I believe average people should have strong legal representation. After all, insurance companies have excellent lawyers working for them, and so do prosecutors’ offices. Injured people and those charged with crimes deserve their own advocates.

Clients seek out my services because of my:

  • Trial skills — I am a proven litigator who is not afraid to put a case in front of a jury if that is what makes the most sense for you. I understand how Texas prosecutors think and how insurance company lawyers approach cases.
  • Aggressive but strategic approach — My approach combines aggressiveness with thoughtful, creative and strategic ideas. I take the time to build strong cases based on evidence, which I work tirelessly to obtain.
  • Accessibility — One benefit of my small law firm is that my clients and I get to develop real relationships. You’ll be able to speak with me, get case updates and be kept informed throughout your case.

Whether you were hurt due to someone else’s actions or you have been arrested or charged with a crime, you can rely on me to be in your corner as we fight for a positive outcome.

What can my Austin law firm do for you?

I represent people in the Austin area who need help with these types of cases:

When you need a determined, skilled attorney known for getting things done, you can turn to my law firm.

Need criminal defense or personal injury help? Get a free consultation with an Austin lawyer today.

If you have been injured or accused of a crime in the Austin, Texas area, John de la Viña can help. Call my office at 512-271-4543 or contact me online to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation to explore your legal options.